Vocational Services


The vocational interview is a standardized evaluation of the individual’s current medical status, past work history, education, special training, military experience, current socioeconomic data, and vocational interests.

Transferable Skills Analysis

Transferable Skills Analysis is the process of taking the individual’s work history, education, special training, and physical/psychological abilities and matching the above to occupations outlined in the U.S. Department of Labor Dictionary of Occupational Titles and the O*NET. This process documents alternate occupations the individual would be projected to be able to access in his/her labor market given on-the-job or formal retraining.

Vocational Evaluation Testing

Vocational Evaluation Testing is recommended when the individual’s past work history, or lack of a work history, is not sufficient to complete a Transferable Skills Analysis.

Vocational Evaluation Testing is also utilized when the individual has limited access to the labor market as a result of a physical/psychological disability, where the individual would sustain significant wage loss without receiving additional training, or where the use of assistive technology would allow return to work at the same or an alternate occupation. Testing documents alternate occupational titles the individual could perform with direct placement, retraining, or implementation of assistive technology.

Labor Market Survey

Labor Market Surveys document an individual’s access to the local labor market and his/her earning capacity given specific physical and intellectual abilities, education, and work experience. Employers within the individual’s labor market are contacted to document current and projected openings, salary, benefits, and the employer’s ability to make accommodations where necessary to perform the essential functions of the job.

Job Analysis

Job Analysis is a standardized process where documentation of the job functions, physical/psychological abilities, education/training/certification requirements, and other job-related attributes are identified. Job Analysis data can be used to develop job descriptions, to assist in developing feasible accommodations or to assist the medical community in understanding the level of functioning necessary for an individual to perform a specific job.

Job Placement

Job Placement services involve providing individuals with the requisite skills to interview in their labor market. Specific services offered include job-seeking-skills training including using local resources and electronic resources, development of a viable resume, and provision of qualified job leads by an employment specialist.

Consulting Services

Blumenthal & Associates LLC provides Consulting Services to employers in the establishment of return-to-work programs, identification of feasible accommodations for employees, and case management of employees with or without disabilities who need to identify alternate vocational options available to them.

Vocational Expert Services

Blumenthal & Associates LLC provides vocational assessment of employability and earning capacity within Workers’ Compensation, Personal Injury, and Employment Law (Americans with Disabilities Act) for both plaintiff and defense attorneys.

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